We are senior artists at Santa Fe Prep who are continuing our art practices in quarantine, and sharing our pieces with you from home.

This page is dedicated to Santa Fe Prep’s Class of 2020, who have continued to cultivate community and creativity from home this spring.

Our Mission

On the back of the t-shirts that we designed for each member of the class of 2020 is the saying, “Let it grow, Class of 2-0,” signaling our commitment to helping the community at Prep grow and flourish.

Part of that commitment is the intention of cultivating the strong relationship between our school and the city of Santa Fe through creativity.

It is our goal to continue that creative initiative through this crisis, and to find a way not only to bring people together with our art during these turbulent times, but to continue to reinforce our connection with Santa Fe itself.

Meem Art Building

Let it Grow, Class of 2-0

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